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Better than Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training and Cardio!

Why Two Fit 'n Sexy Women Cried When Their Top Secret Fitness Guru Started Revealing His Body Sculpting Secrets to Other Women!

Announcing: Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women - makes you stronger than most men - sexier than most women!

Dear Friend,

Have you ever had a secret that you wanted to hold onto for dear life? A secret that you didn't want your girl friends to know because it gave you something they didn't have? I'm talking about one of those "jealously guarded secrets."

Well, when it comes to getting that 'fit 'n sexy' look - there are a few women, like me (and my girl friend), who want to keep everything hush-hush.

We want to be the only game in town. We don't want men to turn their heads to look at every woman - we just want them to notice us - or, all truth revealed ... ME!

And so, I literally cried when Eddie Baran told me (and my best friend) that he was no longer going to be our "private and exclusive" personal trainer. I confess, we had already gotten so much from Eddie's training - great legs, a great booty and a tight, trim and taught midsection. All the flab was gone and it went away so fast. The very first workout we did with Eddie stoked the fat-burning furnace within - and we've never been the same since then.

So you can imagine why we wanted to keep our training program secret.

But our tears and jealousy turned to happiness when Eddie explained that - "no" - he wasn't going to take on a bunch of new private clients. Not at all. He was simply going to expand his incredible fat-burning, body sculpting program to other women, no matter where in the world they may live.
Eddie Baran women's fitness trainer
Fitness trainer Eddie Baran (center) reveals his body sculpting and fitness secrets for women.

Now THAT was something we could live with because even if Eddie sells a million copies of his program, I'll still be just 1 out of 30 million women who have the real goods - the real knowledge on how a woman gets fit fast. That's a ratio I can live with.

What Women Really Need In a Fitness Program Is Different From a Man's Fitness Program

Okay, you're probably wondering, what does a woman really need in a fitness program? Good question.

Let's end the confusion once and for all. What Eddie taught me was as follows:

"Women's bodies ARE different. And their bodies respond to exercise differently than men's bodies do. This is why women need to exercise a bit differently to get the results they want. Women need a program that is tailored to their bodies and how they respond to exercise. They need a program that hits everything and misses nothing. A program that hits you in all the right places."

"And once a woman is on the program that works for her body, the results start coming fast."

"Once a woman is on an exercise program that hits all the muscles that need the most work, and works them in the right way, she'll literally sculpt a new figure in record time. It isn't uncommon to see women lose 8-10 inches of unwanted fat from her body in one week. Or to see her drop 10 pounds within a couple weeks."

Wow! I hope those words grab you as much as they once grabbed me. I'm sure glad I was smart enough to listen to what Eddie said because my body began to change the moment I began to follow his directions.

Now, you may say to yourself, "I don't believe this. It's all a bunch of hype." If you think that way, I can relate. But here's the amazing truth ...

Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women work whether you believe they do or not. This program isn't about your beliefs. It's about doing certain exercises in a certain way - and enjoying the benefits of those exercises.

You cannot blindly follow what men do to get the results YOU want from your exercise program.

The frustration you may have felt with previous fitness regimens is a result of only one thing. You've been doing the wrong exercises for your body - or you've been doing some good exercises the wrong way.

The good news is that once you learn the RIGHT exercises - and once you begin doing these exercises in the right sequence, your success is virtually assured.

I'm talking about infinite possibilities: Excess weight flying off your body; going from a size 14 to a size 4; having boundless energy and a firm, toned sleek body that turns heads everywhere you go.

I'm talking about totally reshaping and transforming your figure - and doing so with exercises that aren't anything like those being taught in gyms today.

I'm talking about Body Sculpting Body Weight Exercises for Women - exercises that are even better for your body than weights, Yoga, Pilates and everything else I've ever tried. Exercises that transform flab into firm, toned flexible muscles - not the grotesque muscles you've seen on female (or male) bodybuilders.

Gymnastics Coach Knows the Key to Turning Your Body Into a Fit n Sexy Machine!

Take a look at the bodies of women gymnasts, ballet dancers and martial artists. You'll see femininity and grace in action. You'll see women who don't just look good - they have functional bodies that they can do incredible things with. They're strong, flexible and agile. Their bodies are toned and sleek looking - not bulky and masculine.

Now imagine that you were following a program that was giving you the best from gymnastics, ballet and martial arts - plus several other programs. Imagine you were following a program that cut through all the useless exercises and focused ONLY on what gives you results - starting today.

Well, let me tell you, the very first workout I had with the Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women program made a believer out of me. I felt muscles on my body that I didn't even know I had - and I learned from Eddie that feeling these muscles was helping to "wake up" all the other body parts that I wanted to get results with.

Why Isolation Exercises Are Bad for Women

Eddie told me that a woman's body should work together as one unit. And it should be able to "multi-task" - you know what I'm talking about, right? Doing two or more things at time, sort of how we can talk on the phone, cook a gourmet meal and watch the latest soap opera, all at the same time.

Well, we should be able to do something comparable when we train our bodies, too.

Here's what I mean: Because a woman is genetically programmed to do more than one thing at a time, it makes perfect sense that her exercise program should work more than one area of the body at a time. And when you follow a program that multi-tasks your muscles, you just won't believe how much different the effect really is.
Eddie Baran women's fitness trainer
Fitness trainer Eddie Baran teaching his multi-tasking fitness.

Sure, when you do all those isolation exercises that they teach in the gyms, you can feel each muscle that you're training - but overall, the results from this sort of training are pretty weak. I mean, be honest with yourself. Have all those isolation exercises given you the body you desire? I don't think so.

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You just have to train different to get the results you seek. You have to experience the difference.

Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women are so much better for your body that isolation exercises that you'll be stunned. But don't waste a moment of your life being upset at all the people out there teaching the "wrong" way to do things. That's a distraction you don't need right now. Simply focus your mind on what you should be doing - and do it extraordinarily well. When you do this you'll not only get into the best shape of your life, but you'll be happier than you've ever dreamed possible.

Forget all the Separate Workouts for Toning, Stretching, Strength-Training, Endurance, Cardio, Core Training and So On. You Can Get All of These From One Program!

Another big mistake you see so many women making is what Eddie calls the "separate workouts for different objectives routine."

What this means is that you go out and run, jump on a treadmill or take a step class to get your cardio. Then you go to a stretching class to get your flexibility. Then you pump iron to get some toning. Then, of course, you need relaxation and peace of mind, so you do some yoga. After that you need some fat burning, so you do a something else - and so on.

This approach is the "treadmill to nowhere." It doesn't work. Not only that but you've got other things you need to do with your life - and if you have to spend two hours a day just to get in shape, those "other things" will never get done.

That's no way to live.

You want a fitness program that gives you cardio, fat-burning, body sculpting, toning, flexibility, functional strength - and "peace of mind" - all at the same time.
women's fitness ballet jump
The fitness program that gives you a strong and sleek body.

And Body Sculpting Body Weight Exercises for Women does precisely that. You can literally get a complete "mind, body and spirit" workout done in 15 minutes. And you'll be feeling the long-term positive impact of this workout for the rest of the day. Even the next day. It's so incredible. You are going to be astounded with the difference this program really makes in your life.

I'm talking about getting results that extend way beyond physical fitness. I'm talking about feeling GOOD about yourself and who you are. I'm talking about being in a state of flow, and being happy.

"Stop Getting an 'A' for Effort and an 'F' for Results"

I'll never forget the life-changing saying Eddie dropped on me before I made the decision to follow this program. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Stop getting an 'A' for effort and an 'F' for results."

"Sculpt a New YOU Today!"

Eddie Baran wants to give you a steady stream of FREE tips that will help you sculpt the body of your dreams.

Let me tell you, when he said that my entire structure of "go, go, go - do this, do that" fell completely apart. I had to step back mentally, take a look in the mirror and say, "You know, he's right. I've been like a slave. I go here for this class and there for that one. I'm training all the time and getting nowhere.

What's next? Add yet another class?"

The promise of having ONE workout that did everything for me was all I needed to hear. Plus, the very cool idea of being able to do this workout anytime, anywhere, in the privacy of my own home, or at the office - or at a hotel when I'm on a trip - that REALLY appealed to me.

"Stop the Insane Commute to the Gym - Get the Body of a Finely Sculpted Goddess"

Imagine, no more useless 2-hour workouts. No more multiple workouts per day. No more isolation exercises that don't give you the results you want. And no more drives to the gym, fighting through traffic - only to come home emotionally rattled. That's just not good for you.

Just follow Eddie's program and the changes will take place in you. Drop the extra inches you no longer desire. Eliminate the weight you've sworn you're going to get rid of.

And do it by following a program that is incredibly forgiving.

The Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women program doesn't ask you how many times you've failed before. It doesn't ask you about your frustration. It doesn't blame your or find fault with you. And it doesn't care if you believe the program will work or not.

This program is all-forgiving.

It lays no blame and has no guilt trips. It lets you know that it's not your fault that you followed programs that didn't work for you. It helps you drop all that emotional baggage - then it takes you by the hand - where you are right NOW and begins sculpting your future body. It chisels off the excess that you no longer desire. It gets rid of the fat and reveals the body inside your skin that you truly want for yourself.

Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women Will Change Your Life ... Forever!

Changing your life can be both an exhilarating and scary proposition. On the one hand, you want change. You want to look and feel your best. On the other hand, sometimes you may have irrational fears of looking too good, being too hot, too sexy - or having too many people staring at your gorgeous body.

If you have any doubts, fears or worries like this, stop for a moment and realize that you came into this world to succeed, to put your best foot forward. You didn't come into this world to hold yourself back, to be afraid of looking or feeling to good. So break out of that type of thinking. Take charge of your life. Be who you really want to be. And be that person without a shred of fear or concern.

"Sculpting the Real YOU"

Now I have something that I want you to remember. This is something Eddie told me during my very first workout.

He said, "Isn't it funny that when girls and boys were young, that girls learned things faster than boys. That they were more athletic. They were stronger, faster and more flexible. Then they got sold a bill of goods and you held yourself back. But not anymore. Not with my program. When we Body Sculpt with my exercises, we chisel off the person you've let yourself become in order to please others. And we reveal the REAL YOU underneath it all - the YOU that has everything it takes to succeed. Remember this every time we Body Sculpt together. We're not just exercising. We're bringing out the very best that is inside of you."

Now, let me quickly recap some of the many benefits you'll get in your Body Sculpting Body Weight Exercises for Women program:
  • You'll learn the best exercises on the planet for burning fat, toning muscle, increasing flexibility, as well as improving strength and endurance ... all at the same time!

  • You'll learn to avoid the exercises that bulk you up!

  • You'll crank up your metabolism so you can eat MORE and still be lean!

  • You'll follow a workout routine that you can finish in 15-20 minutes, yet get you into shape faster than a workout that takes 2 hours!

  • You'll fit into the clothes you've wanted to slip into for years!

  • You'll instantly triple your energy levels!

  • You'll feel deeply connected - mind, body and spirit!

  • You'll always feel motivated and inspired to train because you're following a program that agrees with you and your body and gives you results right away!

  • You'll get the gorgeous body you want, rippling with femininity - not the grotesque body of a male bodybuilder.

  • You'll learn the best exercises for women from gymnastics, ballet, yoga, martial arts, and more. If you only do "the best" you'll get the best results. No fluff in this program.

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The Little Old Lady Who Gave Me Permission to Be ME!

You've now reached the moment of decision. Basically, you have two choices. One, you can take a step forward into a wonderful new life with a finely tuned, sculpted and sexy body. Or two, you can walk away from this offer and suffer the pain of regret.

I cannot make the decision for you, but I would like to help. I remember some time ago, when I was out shopping for a new purse. I picked out one I really liked, then sat it on the counter to look over as I pondered making the decision. I was terrified of making a bad decision, of spending too much money on myself to look good.

Then an older lady, she must have been about 80, whom I didn't see while I was staring at the purse, said to me, "Go ahead dear, get it. You want it. You know you do. Just go ahead and get it. You deserve it."

I didn't know this woman from Eve - but something in the sound of her voice made me see a better future ahead, so I took the plunge and got the purse. I've never looked back. Not with the purse. Not with my body.

The Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women book is only $29.95 (plus S&H). Considering that you are getting a program that will change your life, this is an absolute steal. But here's an even better deal...

The Body Sculpting DVD Package

The Body Sculpting DVD's have expert instruction and demonstration of all the exercises in the book. Eddie explains each exercise in great detail so you know exactly how to do them. As you know, the Divine is in the details, and to get a divinely beautiful and fit figure you need to know these critical details. All of the exercises are also expertly demonstrated so you know exactly what they are supposed to look like.

These DVD's are unlike any other woman's DVD out there. What Eddie is giving you is a tool and expert knowledge that he has trained his other clients with. With this knowledge you will have the skills to sculpt the strong, flexible, graceful and lean body you desire. With this knowledge he is giving you, you will always have the expertise to be supremely fit and sculpted. These DVD's are your sculpting tools to chisel away fat and give you toned, strong, flexible and sleek muscles.

Because what these DVD's give you is so valuable and like nothing else out there for women, they are not your typical $15 DVD from WalMart that you will watch once (if at all) and then throw on your shelf never to watch it again. Consider this as your education in the finer points of Body Sculpting. He is giving you invaluable knowledge that you will use for the rest of your life to ensure your body gets sculpted (and stays sculpted) into a lean, sleek, athletic feminine figure. If a cheap $15 DVD with fancy Hollywood production, poor instruction and ineffective exercises that you will never use more than once because they don't deliver results is what you like, then stick with that. This DVD program is definitely not for you.

The value of these DVDs with all the critical information is worth well over $300. The total amount of this Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women DVD's program for you, however, is only $97.00 (plus S&H). That comes to less than $0.33 each day for a year. Spread over a lifetime - as this information in these DVD's will benefit you for the rest of your life - the amount you're paying is peanuts. I'd say that's a steal.

If you order the Body Sculpting DVD's, Eddie will also throw in his wonderful Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women book absolutely FREE.

Not only will you get the 4 Body Sculpting DVD's and the Body Sculpting Book , as an added bonus, Eddie is also going to give you his Body Sculpting Workout Planner. This is a complete workout planner for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced trainers. By following this four-week planner you will know exactly what to do for your workouts, as it takes the guesswork and confusion on how to design your training sessions. This is something he does only for his personal clients, so this bonus is invaluable to you. You get this FREE when you order NOW! You get all this for only $97.00 (plus S&H).

So now I give you the same advice that the little old lady gave me. You might look at the amount for the program and say "That's a lot of money."

But that's so untrue. I'll think nothing of dropping a lot more than that on a new purse or a pair of shoes. And those are just things I carry or wear. My body - I gotta live with that 24/7, so I believe in doing it up right, like I mean it.

So go ahead girl, get this program. You deserve it. It works because it's made especially for YOU. And that's why it'll be the answer you've been looking for.

Jenny Carver signature
Jenny Carver

P.S. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women fits right into that sort of thinking. This extraordinary program belongs in the hands of women who believe in the future of their bodies. I do. Now it's time for you to come along with me and sculpt the fit n sexy body you've always wanted.

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What Women Saying About This Program

"Hi Eddie,

"I just wanted to let you know that I am having some fabulous results with your program Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women - and eating the right foods.

"I'm using your bodyweight exercises, and changing things around a bit each day to give my muscles new challenges. I'm exercising about a half hour a day in the morning, that's it. No cardio. I'm 36 years old; usually after 30, you have trouble losing weight, but I'm doing great!

"I just wanted to let you know of my progress. I'm guessing that many women out there are like me: a few stubborn extra pounds hanging around that just won't go away."

Andrea Lawson
Reno, NV

"Dear Eddie,

"Thank you so much for a wonderful exercise program. I have to admit that I was highly skeptical about the claims made at your web site. At 47 years old, 5'3" and 196 pounds, with painful knees and broken down feet, and extremely out of shape, I doubted that there was much that could help me. I've tried many different types of exercise in the past, but instead of improving my body condition and my stamina, nothing changed--and sometimes I even ended up more tired.

"Enter your program. My husband noticed that my body was responding and changing. He can't believe how much energy I have and how much I can now get done--and with no pain or tiredness. He's always been very physically fit, but I have him beat with energy levels these days.

"Last night, my brother-in-law complimented me on losing a lot of weight. Now, for this man to notice anything is quite amazing--and compliments are even more rare. I've definitely lost inches. I only wish I had measured myself and taken pictures before I began.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving me a program that finally works. I can't praise it enough. Best wishes and much success! "

Cindy Szponder
Chicago, IL

"Hey Eddie,

"I ordered your program this past summer I got the dvds, the book the whole 9 yards. I needed to lose the extra baby fat I put on with my son and was having problems getting rid of the last 15 pounds. I love it because it's so quick and simple and I can just get it done before my son attacks me and wants to play. I mostly do the fab five I change it up a little when I have extra time. I am now skinnier than I was before I had my son. It's great!

"Thank you so much!"

Mira Holden
Savannah, GA

I have been using your Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women program for about 2 months now and I LOVE it!!! I've never been one to want to go to the gym (so I didn't) and was very excited to learn about your program. I've always done yoga but since I've started your program I feel great and notice my body getting stronger each week!

Karma McCain
Los Angeles, CA

"Dear Eddie,

"I'm lovin' your Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women. It is truly helping me become fit - love it, love it, love it! Can't imagine getting through some stressful days without it. What your Body Sculpting exercises have done for the entire outlook on my life is HUGE! I had almost given up hope and felt nothing could help me get rid of my heavy thighs and butt - not dieting, not exercising, not fasting - nothing. How fortunate I am to have found your system!

"I am over 40 and have been out of shape for the past 10 years. What a struggle it has been to 'figure out' what to do so that I could lose weight, get in shape and feel good. Not until I found your Body Sculpting system did anything work for me. I tried cardio - well I got more endurance, but it did not help change my body. Now, I look forward to working out everyday. I feel great after your workouts, especially the lower body exercises. My legs and butt have always been heavy and now, finally, little by little, I am getting such exciting results! Now I'm losing inches on my legs, and my arms and stomach from doing your sculpting exercises. I feel sensational after working out - my body and my mind!

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

Sylvia Hagen
Las Vegas, NV


I just received your program last week and all I can say is, "WOW!" I finally found a workout routine designed especially for women and I absolutely love it. I have done the whole male weight training thing and looked pretty buff for a while, which wasn1t exactly the feminine hourglass look that I wanted. Got bored with that and got hurt a few times, so I started taking yoga and pilates classes. When my schedule changed and I found myself traveling a lot and not having much time to work around the class schedule, I started going to the gym less and less.

" I feel great and have time to do it every day. As a matter of fact, I took the book to my office and now have 3 other women doing some variation of your 'Fab Five' exercises. We all have varying degrees of fitness so we went thru the book together and each picked out the exercises that best suited our needs. 4 women, 4 VERY different fitness needs, and we all found a workout routine that worked for each of us. Now that IS amazing since we all can't agree on just 1 place for lunch.

"Today I went to the gym to cancel my membership so they sent me to the 'consultation area.' After a few minutes, a woman came out with a stack of papers and started asking all kinds of questions about my fitness needs and why I wanted to cancel my membership. I know they were trying to get me to change my mind and that's ok, but I just kinda smiled at her and told her that I found a workout routine that takes less than 15 minutes a day, I can do anywhere, whether in a hotel room, at the office or at the park, and it cost me pennies compared to their $50 a month gym membership. She just looked at me and put her head down and finished filling out the paperwork with no more questions.

"Your program has not only gotten me re-motivated to exercise, but it also saved me a bundle of money that I can put towards something else. The timing couldn't have been better either. Beach weather is here again in Florida and I plan to 'look great at 38' in my bikini. I am already planning on ordering 4 more books for the girls at work as well as my sister who travels a lot. We are all near 40 or over 40 and this program seems to be just what we were all looking for. Thanks A Million!"

Carol Brown
Tampa, FL

"Hi Eddie,

"I just want you to know how much of a difference your program has made in my life. I have never felt as good as I do right now at this moment, and the positive energy flourishes even more every single day. I feel stronger today than I did yesterday, mentally and physically. The brain fog has cleared. I can't wait to get home each afternoon so that I can do my exercises. In fact, I have so much energy that I have found myself needing to go out for a run because I can't sit down on the couch - I've got to move, and there is just so much to get out there to see and accomplish. And this energy and self-confidence has been there all along. I kept pushing it back by lounging around the house and filling my body with junk. I was purposely eating bad foods at night so that I would feel sleepy (lousy) in order to go to bed. Not anymore! I have gone from sleeping over 8 hours a night to only 6-7 hours per night because that's all I need. And I find myself wanting to stay up later because I have so much energy, but I retire because I know that my body does need time to recharge.

"I have been doing the exercises for about a month. I didn't weigh or measure myself immediately before, but I do know that I have lost at least 9 pounds and I have gained a tremendously wonderful perspective of my self image. I still have much more room for improvement, and I really don't care about what the scale says. Before I began, all of my slacks were tight. Now they are already getting loose. The transition that I have made in such a short amount of time is remarkable. Your system is giving me the guidance to truly shape a body that reflects what I have on the inside - strength and determination and the willingness to always lend a hand. Yesterday I found myself pushing harder than I ever have before and I was talking to myself and really unleashing that positive energy, and I knew then that I will not be turning back - no burnout, no injuries, no excuses! Something just clicked yesterday, and I am positive that I am on the right path.

"I look forward to each day as it blossoms so that I can reap all of the benefits that this world has to offer. Thanks for helping me grow."

Sara R. Waterbury
Memphis, TN

"Hi Eddie,

"I am a 50 year old, overweight, woman using your Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women. The first day I couldn't even do 1 of the Fab 5 Exercises. Now I can do 15 to 25 repetitions for everything. Thanks again for such a great program. My body is changing, becoming more toned especially the arms and legs, and I feel so much better and have so much more energy."

Mary Magee
Newport, RI

"When I began Eddie's program my 50 yr old body was reasonably weight proportionate and my fitness regimen consisted of some aerobic walking and an occasional yoga class. I lacked muscle tone in my torso and my arms and stomach were embarrasingly flabby. I remember my first day of training where I felt like I was starting at ground zero as I could barely muster a push up, or do some of the exercises for very long. Eddie promised me that my body would respond quickly to these specific exercises, so I pushed through my early inertia and stayed on course. Within a short time, I could visibly see my body changing quickly, and my strength and stamina continued to increase. In no time, my body looked dramatically different! The middle aged sag was gone, and I felt young and vital. The change in my arms - toned and strong was amazing. Very quickly I was working out at full tilt, and completing my sets of exercise powerfully. These exercises have successfully created a makeover of my body. This program has been a myth buster for me in that I reversed in a very short space of time what I thought was just the inevitable decline of my body. Thanks Eddie. I can wholehearedly say that this program is amazing."

Lexi Parrott, MPH, CHT
Counselor, nutritionist
Portland, OR

"The exercises in this program are completely different from what I expected to see in a book on women's fitness! I am pleasantly surprised. Eddie, you truly live up to your claims! I especially like the fact that you give more than one alternate exercise to start off with and they all work the same way as the main one in the Fab Five group. Thank you for this book and your knowledge of women's fitness needs and desires!"

Eva Painter
Jacksonville, NC

"Thank you Eddie for bringing beauty and grace to the day with your Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women. I found everything about the book to be emanating something I can only describe as pure love and energy: the words, photos, logical presentation of materials, and greatest of all the gorgeous gleem of your faces. I feel the radiance, right out of those pages, making me want to emulate all that fab-action going on in there. Plus of course I want a radiant face, stream-lined abs and smooth muscles! The photos' spectacular backdrops seem to add a vibrational effect that bolstered my confidence and ability in a 'new setting.'

"Plus, with your having filled-in the important blanks as to why to I'm doing them, the exercises become far more enjoyable. But some of the exercises seem to need no reason other than they simply look fun! A lot of the exercises have new meanings for me with your concise descriptions. And, I'm wondering what ladies in their 'light mind' wouldn't want to get right into those exercises asap

"So, thank you so much for 'raising me up' to a great sculpting session this morning. I found the ab exercises are something that I actually enjoy! I found explanations of why I am doing them important for my mental and spiritual well-being. And a special thanks for the ballet exercises and providing your straight-talking diet plan.

"I am absolutely impressed with the book, and I was absolutely pleased with my progress in meeting suggested reps. I'm really looking forward to advancing into all the exercises, plus the exciting list of sample workouts!

"I hope everyone will enjoy the love and warmth you have shared when they find themselves hopping into and getting comfortable with this breathing, sculpting, 'wave-of-love' of a workout book."

Susan Mazzocco
Lansing, MI

"Hi Eddie,

"Your book Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exericses For Women is everything you promised and some...it really delivers! Keep up the great work - women need real health and fitness strategies like this that actually work. Kind regards and best wishes,"

Susan Tuckett
Taunton, United Kingdom

"Eddie, your program is amazing. I had been working out at the gym five days a week for two years and basically plateaued. I started your workout and in just two weeks I lost weight and saw significant definition all over my body. Working out for only a short period I became stronger nd had much more endurance than ever before. I am forty and I have abs of a twenty year old. Thanks, Eddie - finally a program that I can do at home or take on the road that really works!"

Kathleen Kirgin
Portland, OR

"Hi Eddie,

"I have your program and love it. I recommend it to every woman I know who is struggling to lose weight, especially us moms who struggle with the extra stubborn post baby pounds. Thanks so much."

Jenna Krumlauf
Pontiac, MI

"I can't say enough about training with Eddie Baran. First of all, who gets to do that??? The workouts were purely exhilarating. Due to previous injuries that included a shattered right arm and neurosurgery, I've never in my life been able to do a pushup, even a modified 'girl' pushup without a lot of pain. After training with Eddie, I was able to execute thirty 'man' pushups at one time - now THAT was inspiring. Eddie has a way of finding the strongest capabilities of a person, and then inviting her to become it.

"The exercises are something that do not occur to most average minds. The benefits I got were many: I conquered mental and physcial resistances, greatly increased my endurance, strength, and now have a feeling of being able to overcome anything. The wonderful combination of exercises, from explosive to cardio-aerobic combinations, is GREAT! I am an avid downhill skiier and at one time raced at a high level. After working out regularly in this manner, I now have zero muscle stress or pain when I ski - the leg workouts were perfect for preparing me for such an intense activity. This is a brilliantly devised program for getting optimal well-being and high energy. This stuff rules!"

Jessica Burnett
West Linn, OR

"Hi Eddie,

"Thanks for making the best exercise DVD and book. I love it! Finally, no fluff, just the info I had been looking for---the proper form, why, what it does. Perfect. I had been doing yoga for a couple of years, so I am familiar with some of the exercises, but you take them to a different level.

"Thanks for the help!"

Julia Breitberg
Kansas City, MO

"Hi Eddie,

"You are SO right about exercising anywhere. The exercises featured in Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women can be done at work. I sit in front of the computer all day and 8 hours a day on my bum does not a healthy body make, especially at the fabulous age of 44. When at work and waiting for my documents to come off of the printer, I can do some of your exercises.

"No one knows I am doing it, but they are noticing the changes the Body Sculpting Exercises are making in my appearance, my health, and in my total outlook.

"No longer chained to the gym or resigned to be unhealthy, I am a more fun person to be around. When asked, I tell them all about you and your program. I have learned from my mistakes, too. I will direct them to your website, pass on an email from you - but NO ONE gets my book. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work.

"Blessings to you and your family,"

Becky Brogan
Southbridge, MA


"I received your Bodysculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women program four weeks ago and just had to send you a thank you note. I was familiar with a few of these movements already, so I was surprised at how FUN your variations on the theme proved to be. I feel both physically and mentally totally satisfied after each daily workout. After only four weeks on your wonderful program, my muscles look more toned and have that elongated, feminine look I love. In fact, I would recommend this program to any and all women, no matter what their level is.

"I wish I had this program when I started out. The variety alone eliminates boredom and keeps my mind fully engaged. Not to mention the awesome photography! Every page has a joyful and relaxing quality. It's exactly what I want - a workout that keeps me calm while I get strong.

"Eddie, you have created a masterpiece. Thank you for enhancing my day - every day. And doing it so simply and beautifully."

Tania Gabrielle French
Asheville, NC

"Hi Eddie!

"I received your book Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women a few weeks ago and got right into it. Am happy to report that I'm reaping the benefits of this awesome program, physically and mentally. Thank you for putting together such a GREAT PROGRAM - I've loved body-weight exercises since I was a kid in gymnastics class at school, but mistakenly went off them since I got 'older and wiser' and instead made the error of opting for cardio, aerobics, weights, etc. Your book has made me do a very happy U-turn in my exercise routine. I'm all the way over here in India so your program is a real God-send. And I really appreciate the suggested rountines given - otherwise, mixing and matching the correct exercises together can be tricky.

"Thank you so much! And God bless.
With love,"

Beela Thomas
Trivandrum, India

"Eddie's book is ABSOLUTELY FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! I am so pleased with it, I read through it all for the first time today. It is awesomely good! I am a full time firefighter and last night had a long 24 hour shift. I got only about 2 hours of sleep the entire night.... then I got called back in for another 20 hours at the station. This all adds up to a very exhausted, grumpy, frustrated me. But then I pulled out my new Body Sculpting book and tried out a short test session.... I feel like a MILLION BUCKS! I feel like I got a full nights sleep even though I got hardly any! Thanks so MUCH EDDIE!!!!!!!! The exercises are fun, challenging and a kick butt workout. I am sure it would give any guy a run for his money too! If that doesn't convince you ALL to buy it, then I will come give you a kick in the pants! Happy working out!"

Niki Chapleau
Rutland, VT

"Body Sculpting/Bodyweight Exercises for Women is a fantastic course for anyone wanting to establish a full-body workout regimen that doesn't require a gym membership. It's a perfect marriage between ballet, pilates and gymnastics. Many of the exercises are difficult, but Eddie Baran is kind enough to give us variations that I'd feel comfortable issuing as a home program in a physical therapy clinic. I've added these exercises to my own personal workout sessions and getting great results!"

Trudi Hoekstra-Kubik, PT
Physical Therapist
Louisville, KY

"I lifted weights and ran for years with good results but after 12 years of lifting, I developed chronic shoulder pain As I couldn't lift with the weights I'd become accustomed, I looked around for other strengthening options so I started doing your bodyweight exercises. I love the whole body feeling of the exercises with their emphasis on both flexibility and strength. The program is so simple and easy to use. I really like that there are different options for different levels of fitness. Thanks, Eddie, for getting me moving again. I felt healthier and more energetic immediately!"

Janet Gaynor, MSc
Minneapolis, MN

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